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Winneshiek County 4-Hers win food and clothing recognitions

Posted: Wed, Jul 4, 2012 4:20 PM

A number of Winneshiek County 4-H members have been recognized for their performances in clothing, foods and communication.

Becca Lensing and Logan Brincks were both selected to represent Winneshiek County in the State Clothing Event for Clothing Selection. Alternates are Eleanor Lofte and Lucas Brincks. Honorable Mention awards went to Nicole Schmitt, Jenna Schmitt, Eleanor Lofte, Emily Luzum, Ashley Kurash, Mariah Schmitt, Ashley Schwartzhoff, Kaylee Knight, and Logan Brincks.

Selected to attend the State Clothing Event in the $15 Challenge division was Nicole Schmitt. Selected as an alternate was Ashley Kurash. Honorable Mention awards went to Marissa Foels, Jenna Schmitt, Nicole Schmitt and Mariah Schmitt.

In the Fashion Revue division, Bailey Miculinich, Eleanor Lofte, and Olivia Massman received honorable mentions.
4-H members that will be going to the Iowa State Fair with their Clothing and/or Sewing Exhibits are Ashley Schwartzhoff, Ruth Sutton, Eleanor Lofte, and Kaytlan Langreck. Alternates for the State Fair are Nic Althouse and Eleanor Lofte. Honorable Mention awards went to Eleanor Lofte, Anna-Britt Lien, Brianna Carolan, Marissa Foels, Becky Althouse, Kaylee Knight, Brooke Courtney, and Anna Hanson.

In the food preparation and place setting category, Brianna Carolan, Paula Kovarik and Becca Lensing were named State Fair alternates.  4-H'ers receiving Honorable Mentions were Josh Lensing, Kelley Hauber, Savannah Schmitt, Morgan Bergan, Jared Bergan, Madison Sexton, Jarod Phillips, Abraham Schmitt, Ashley Schwartzhoff, Olivia Massman, Hanna Schmitt, Kody Berns, Everett Wegge, Kendra Berns, and Justin Redenius.

Advancing to the State Fair in Educational Presentations will be Logan Brincks, Marissa Foels, Mikayla Lien, Rylea Ranum, Lukas & Jarod Phillips, and Dominick Watson.  Everett Wegge and Colin Zidlicky were selected as alternates.

Selected to attend the Iowa State Fair for Extemporaneous Speaking are Becca Lensing and Adam Knight. Brianna Carolan was selected as an alternate.

4-H'ers selected to attend the Iowa State Fair in Working Exhibits include Thomas Hendrickson, Kylie Darrington & Dominick Watson, Marissa Foels, Ashley Schwartzhoff, & Jada Vanden Brink, and Emily Luzum, Amy Schmitt, & Jessica Schmitt. Alternates to State Fair will be Kimberly Hauber, Kandise Hauber, Katlynn Hauber & Abbie Bergan and Maggie Kuennen & Brandi Hageman. Receiving honorable mention were Keagen Einck & Justin Redenius, Emma Barton O'Donnell, Jenna Schmitt, & Savannah Schmitt, and Hanna Schmitt & Abraham Schmitt.

Finally, Ashley Kurash and Nicole Schmitt, Jenna Schmitt and Nicole Schmitt were selected for the State Fair in the Share the Fun category.  Mikayla Lien was selected as an alternate. Honorable Mention went to Dominick Watson.