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City council approves revised Comprehensive Plan; passes bike ordinance

Posted: Tue, Dec 20, 2011 9:38 AM

Two actions by the Decorah City Council on Monday night should have long-range effects.

The council approved a revised Comprehensive Plan for the City of Decorah--a document that outlines rules for future development.

The vote came with one amendment--city council members agreed to revise a future land use map that showed property in the Riverwalk subdivision as scheduled for "high density" development.  Instead, the map will now show the property as appropriate for "medium density" development.

The approval of the new Comprehensive Plan ends a nearly six-year process.  The city's previous Comprehensive Plan was written in 1993.

Also Monday, the city council passed a new bike ordinance.  The ordinance, modeled on an ordinance in use in the Des Moines metro area, will outline the rules governing bike riding in Decorah. setting forth a schedule of fines for violations.